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Chester Bixler III

Research Engineer, Spectrum Dominance Division

Chester Bixler

Chester Bixler III

Research Engineer, Spectrum Dominance Division

I graduated from Virginia Tech with my B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Energy & Power Electronics Systems. I have done research into Phased Arrays with Dr. Joseph Gaeddert at VT NSI and false data injection with Dr. Mehrizi Sani in the ECE department. Prior to my college career I served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry. My job was employing rockets, demolitions, and breaching tactics. While in the Marine Corps I became a team leader of the Marines and later became a Division School Instructor. I have tactical and prior knowledge of how Marines react and train for combat scenarios and the technology the infantry Marines are using. With this knowledge I can help create and think like an infantryman, when it comes to innovative ideas on how to help our warfighters keep on the forefront of technology. Since I have left the military, it has been a life goal to help and create innovative technology that can be implemented to save the lives of the United States Military and the lives of our allied nations through our help.