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Thomas Krauss

Research Associate, Spectrum Dominance Division

Tom Krauss

Hume Center
1311 Research Center Drive
Office Number 2034
Blacksburg, VA 24061
United States

Thomas Krauss

Research Associate, Spectrum Dominance Division

Thomas Krauss is a research associate in the Virginia Tech National Security Institute's Spectrum Dominance Division, working on machine learning as it applies to radar as well as packetized wireless communications

Krauss has more than two decades of experience with space-based and airborne imaging radar systems at Syracuse Research Corporation (SRC), General Dynamics, and ERIM focused on system performance characterization and image quality measurement, improvement, and interference removal. He has also worked radar image quality measurements including algorithm design and code implementation as well as SAR system performance analysis predictions including image quality equation evaluation, requirements flowdown, and subsystem analysis.

Krauss is passionate about mission-critical and high-performance software engineering as well as the languages/environments supporting it.