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Tim O’Shea

Research Assistant Professor

Tim O'Shea

Research Assistant Professor

Tim O’Shea is a Research Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech and the CTO and Co-Founder at DeepSig Inc in Arlington, VA.  He is focused on leveraging machine learning and data-driven approaches within the wireless physical layer to help improve baseband processing spectral efficiency, energy efficiency, and environmental awareness and automation in 5G, 5G Advanced, and 6G.  His research focuses also include AI/ML applications in cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, generative applications, and other interesting emerging verticals.  

He has run numerous applied R&D efforts for DARPA, NSF, DOD, IARPA, EU HORIZON-2020, Industry, and others.  Previously he worked with wireless startups Hawkeye 360 and Federated Wireless in seed stage and held engineering R&D positions with both the US DOD and with Cisco Systems.  He is the author of over 100 academic works and patents in this area and is involved in IEEE ComSoc, IEEE MLC ETI, Next-G Alliance, and OpenRAN Alliance, OpenRAN Policy Institute, the GNU Radio project and other efforts to accelerate AI driven communications system technology and its adoption within next generation RAN systems.