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Lee Lisle

Postdoctoral Associate

Lee Lisle

Postdoctoral Associate, Intelligent Systems Division

Lee Lisle is a postdoctoral associate with Virginia Tech National Security Institute. He is researching how to augment cybersecurity training simulators with three-dimensional visualizations, user interaction methods, and analyst support in mixed reality. He is further interested in perception and cognition in virtual environments, information access methods in augmented reality, and perceptions and representations of self in virtual reality.

Lee recently graduated  with his Ph.D. in computer science and applications from Virginia Tech, with expertise in designing, implementing, and evaluating interaction techniques in augmented and virtual reality. In particular, his dissertation had a focus in sensemaking and cognition research and how it can assist analysts understanding large, complex, multimedia datasets. He also holds a Master's of Science in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech.